Ethan Kellum, MD

Ethan Kellum, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon
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Subcapularis Tear

The subscapularis muscle is the largest and strongest of the rotator cuff muscles and is located in front of the shoulder joint. Damage to the subscapularis tendon may result in a partial or complete subscapularis tear. Causes of subscapularis tear include trauma or overuse injuries.

Symptoms include localized shoulder pain usually at the front of the shoulder, swelling, bruising and difficulty moving or lifting the arm.

Diagnosis of a subscapularis tear involves reviewing your medical history and performing a thorough physical examination. Your doctor may order MRI scans or ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis.

Treatment involves non surgical and sometimes surgical methods. Nonsurgical treatment includes a combination of rest, physical therapy and medication. Surgery is indicated only in severe cases which involves repair of the damaged tendon.

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